Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is right around the corner and many people are brainstorming and researching the best father's day presents for the dads in their lives.

Dads come in many shapes and sizes with a wide variety of interests, and what might be the best gift ever for one dad might be a complete flop for another.

The list we've compiled below is not for every dad. Our list is for the dad who loves outdoor cooking and barbecue. If that describes your dad, then we're sure you'll find the perfect father's day gift to meet your budget.

Whether your dad is a seasoned pitmaster who has been grilling and smoking for years, or outdoor cooking is a new interest that he's just getting started with, we're sure he'll love any of the items on this list.

We personally own or have owned every item we're recommending and we believe they'll make the perfect gift for your dad, too.

Best Father's Day Gifts of 2022

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Best Father's Day Gifts under $25

smashing the meat flat with the sasquash burger press

Sasquash Burger Press

Does your dad have an outdoor griddle like a Blackstone or Pit Boss standard griddle? If so, this burger press is a gift that the whole family will benefit from.

It took me a long time to find the perfect tool for making smash burgers. It seemed like every griddle spatula I used would bend from the pressure. This stainless steel press is heavy-duty and exactly what Dad needs to cook the perfect Oklahoma Onion Burger.

Hawg Lifter

This oversized spatula is the best tool for removing larger and heavier items from your grill. From spatchcock chickens to pork butt, to brisket, the Hawg Lifter's nearly 10-inch width will get the job done.

bacon scented wrapping paper

Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper

Of course you want your gift to Dad to be memorable, but how about the whole gift-receiving experience? Melissa and the kids wrapped my birthday presents in this bacon-scented wrapping paper this past year and it's something I will never forget.

It 100% smells like smoked bacon, so if that's something your dad would get excited about, splurge on this fun novelty wrapping paper to elevate the experience. It's all in the details, right? It doesn't even just have to be for a dad. Any guy or gal who loves bacon would drool over this wrapping paper.

Best Father's Day Gifts Under $50

Heath Riles BBQ Steak Cooking Bundle

Heath Riles is one of the biggest and winningest names in barbecue these days, and this bundle of rubs is what he uses to season steaks.

He recommends seasoning the top and bottom of your steak with the garlic jalapeno rub, followed by seasoning the top, bottom, and sides with the beef rub. Let that sit in the fridge for about 2o minutes while you bring your grill up to temperature. Right before putting them on the grill, finish them off with a light seasoning of the pecan rub.

We use this trio of rubs for seasoning our steaks all the time and it's so good that I have a hard time convincing myself to even try anything different.

Weber Grill Gloves

I recently wore through my last pair of BBQ gloves that I've been using for the past 5 years or so and Melissa surprised me with this pair of grill gloves from Weber to replace them.

They fit well (not too tight for my big hands) and are heat resistant to 482°F, so they help me get most of my high-heat activities done safely and comfortably.

Best Father's Day Gifts Around $100

Ridge Wallet

No, you're right. A wallet has nothing to do with outdoor cooking. However, every single dad carries a wallet. And if your dad is like me, he's been carrying an overstuffed, super-fat wallet that literally gives him back problems.

The Ridge wallet is a game-changer in that regard. It features a cool sleek design that can carry up to 12 cards while remaining as slim as possible.

The Ridge wallet is available in over 30 different styles and colors. It has RFID blocking technology to protect your information from would-be digital thieves. Ridge wallet has over 40,000 5-star reviews and comes with a Lifetime warranty on each and every wallet.

Help your dad ditch the old fat wallet and give him a Ridge Wallet for Father's Day this year.

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Thermapen One

Barely a day goes by that I don't use my Thermapen One. This instant-read thermometer is about as good as they get, reading internal temperature accurately in one second flat.

Yes, there are other brands available at a lower price point, but we've tested them and know that most of the less expensive brands are only accurate within 2-3° and sometimes take several seconds (while your hand burns over a hot flame) to get that reading.

The Thermapen One can make the difference between a moist grilled chicken breast and one that overcooked and is now dry. The Thermapen One can make the difference between a steak cooked to a nice medium-rare and one that is more like medium-well.

Give Dad a Thermapen One and he won't have to worry about over or under-cooking meat again.

Kindling Cracker

The Kindling Cracker is a great gift to give a dad that ever has a need to split firewood into smaller pieces. Whether burning wood in an offset smoker, outdoor pizza oven, fire pit, or fireplace, sometimes the wood we have is just too big for the job and needs to be broken down. This device makes splitting wood much safer and easier than it used to be. In fact, it's so safe to use that even my kids help chop wood (and love it!).

Grilling a tomahawk with beautiful sear marks on GrillGrates


Is your dad using an older grill that has hot spots that are his constant nemesis whenever he steps outside to grill? GrillGrates are the best solution for bringing new life to an old grill. They're made of hard-anodized aluminum and can either sit on top of existing grates or replace your stock grates to reach more even temperatures 100-300° hotter than without them.

Your dad will be bragging to all his friends when he achieves the perfect diamond sear marks on his grilled steak and burgers. What guy out there doesn't appreciate a good sear?

Even better, the underside of these GrillGrates is a flat surface designed to be used as a griddle. So Dad can flip the GrillGrates over and make smash burgers or whatever other griddle favorites he's been wanting to try.

Best Father's Day Gifts Under $250


The GrillGun is probably the absolute best gift you could get your dad. He'll love lighting his grill or fire pit with this propane-fueled device. It is honestly my absolute favorite way to light a fire and I'm pretty sure any guy out there including your father would agree.

He'll feel like the king of his backyard every time he fires up this torch.

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Fireboard 2

Fireboard 2

If your dad is really serious about barbecue and frequently fills a smoker with multiple proteins at a time, he might really love the Fireboard 2. It's a 6 channel digital thermometer that does it all. And if Dad uses a kamado grill, be sure to also get the drive blower fan so the Fireboard can manage the kamado fire for him.

dalstrong steak knives

Dalstrong Omega Steak Knives

This steak knife set is the ultimate splurge that Dad deserves. He'll love the way these knives effortlessly cut through any steak like softened butter. Each of the 4 knives in this set comes with its own leather sheath for added protection. This is one of the best father's day gifts you can give a meat-loving dad.

Best Father's Day Gifts Over $250

Solo stove Yukon and bonfire side by side

Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit

Treat Dad to a smokeless firepit this summer. These Solo Stove firepits come in 3 different sizes, depending on your preferred place to enjoy a campfire. We have the Yukon as well as the Bonfire on our back patio and absolutely love them!

They are much easier to light than most traditional wood-burning fire pits and drastically reduce smoke production. No more campfires being chased by a plume of smoke!

Best yet, these firepits are made to last a lifetime and have a warranty to back that up. So this is a gift that will last your dad the long haul.

woodhaven fire wood rack

Woodhaven Wood Rack

Not every dad has a reason to stock firewood, but every guy who stocks firewood should have a Woodhaven firewood rack. They come in a wide range of sizes depending on your firewood needs and consumption. What we love is that it keeps the bottom layer of wood off the ground, keeps the top layer covered, dry, and ready to burn, and allows plenty of airflow for all the wood below to dry and cure over time. They're super stable and long-lasting in build quality.

Masterbuilt Gravity 800

We have reviewed a LOT of different grills and a lot of different types of grills. We are often asked "If you were to only own one grill, what would it be?" And our answer is almost always the Masterbuilt Gravity 800. We love the flavor brought by cooking with charcoal, coupled with the ease of a pellet grill, coupled with the ability to easily cook hot and fast as well as low and slow, with a griddle included. It's one of the only "combination" grills that I've come across that does all of those things well.

If you've seen our full review of the Gravity 800, it's not without its shortcomings. But overall the versatility and performance rank pretty high in my book. If your father is looking for just one grill that can do all the things, this is his best solution in my opinion.

Ooni Karu 16

If your dad likes pizza, the Ooni Karu multifuel outdoor pizza oven will become your dad's newest obsession. He'll want every night to be pizza night. There's nothing like the flavor of a wood fired Neapolitan pizza. And there's also nothing like the pride that a dad feels when he's able to make that for his friends and family in his own backyard.

The Karu 16 is a multifuel pizza oven that can cook pizzas up to 16" in diameter. It can be fueled by charcoal and/or wood right out of the box, or a gas burner can be purchased separately if Dad prefers the ease of cooking with gas.

Let your dad be the life of your next family pizza party and gift him an Ooni Karu 16 this Father's Day.

Your Dad Deserves the Best!

This Father's Day, give Dad the gift of quality time entertaining outdoors. Here at the Barbecue Lab we passionately believe we are better together and we love equipping people to have the best gear within their budget, have the confidence in knowing how to use it well, and have delicious recipes they're proud to share with their friends and family they're entertaining.

For the dad who loves outdoor cooking, we're sure you'll find the best gift in this list. But just in case you haven't, be sure to visit our shop page for more great gift ideas!

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