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The Best Built In Charcoal Grill For Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are designing your dream outdoor kitchen, you may be wondering what built-in charcoal grills are best. A lot of people choose to include a kamado grill to satisfy... Read More

6 Reasons the JVR Vac100 is our Preferred Chamber Vacuum Sealer

It might sound a little dramatic, but the JVR Vac100 has kind of been the unsung hero of practically everything we do around here at the Barbecue Lab. We've been testing... Read More

Double the Fun: Exploring the Grilla Grills Primate Combo Grill

People ask me all the time if buying a combo grill is the way to go, and I unilaterally tell them no.... with one exception. What if the greatest combo... Read More

Is the Gozney Arc XL Worth It? Comprehensive Review & Analysis

Gozney is releasing their all-new Arc and Arc XL pizza ovens on March 6, and all the backyard pizza makers are abuzz over this new product offering. In this comprehensive review,... Read More

The Best Pellet Grill of 2024

We love pellet smokers here at the Barbecue Lab. These machines have taken the guesswork out of smoking and given great success to the most inexperienced barbecuer. With traditional offset smokers,... Read More

Gozney Roccbox Review: Is It The Best Portable Pizza Oven?

This Gozney Roccbox review might be a little overdue.We've been reviewing pizza ovens of all shapes and sizes for about 4 years now. And nearly every pizza oven review we... Read More

The Best Instant Read Thermometer of 2024

If you love to barbecue and grill, an instant read thermometer is a must-have item. Today we're taking 6 different digital thermometers and putting them through a series of 15... Read More

The Best Air Fryer for 2024

Looking for the best air fryer? We've tested 7 of the most popular air fryers on the planet to see which one makes the best crispy chicken wings, which makes... Read More

Typhur Dome: Is It Worth The Price?

Today we're putting the Typhur Dome ultimate air fryer to the test to see if it's up to the challenge of becoming our new go to indoor appliance.During the winter... Read More

The Best Gas Grill for 2024

Outdoor grilling is a cherished tradition, a wonderful way to bond with family and friends, and an opportunity to showcase your culinary prowess. To do that, you need the perfect... Read More