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Is The Solo Stove Canyon Right For Your Backyard?

The Solo Stove Canyon is the largest of the brand's 4 different fire pit sizes. But is it too big?We'll explore things like heat radius, how many people can fit... Read More

Comprehensive Solo Stove Review: How To Pick The Right Solo Stove Fire Pit For You

Solo Stove is a wood-burning fire pit that produces very little smoke thanks to its patented design and strategically placed vent holes. Smokeless fire pits may sound like an oxymoron, but... Read More

Best Smokeless Fire Pit of 2024

It's fall, ya'll, and that means it's fire pit weather! We're comparing 5 of the top wood-burning smokeless fire pit brands so that you'll know without a doubt which one is... Read More

Breeo Y Series Fire Pit: Better than the Bonfire?

The creators of the first smokeless fire pit made huge waves this week by announcing the upcoming release of their new portable Breeo Y Series fire pit. This is the... Read More

Best Fire Pit Accessories for your Solo Stove

Whether you already own a Solo Stove fire pit or you’re considering purchasing one soon, chances are you’ve been slightly tempted to buy one or more of the fire pit accessories... Read More

Solo Stove Bonfire Smokeless Fire Pit Review

The Solo Stove Bonfire is a medium-sized stainless steel fire pit that produces a smoke-free fire. We first learned about Solo Stove a couple of years ago while attending the... Read More

Solo Stove Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit Review

The Solo Stove Yukon is a large-sized stainless steel fire pit that produces a smoke-free fire. Like me, you may not have even realized that a smoke-free fire was possible... Read More

You too can build a DIY outdoor kitchen like this!

Well folks, the time has come. We have FINALLY completed our DIY outdoor kitchen build and patio project. It consumed the better part of a year of our lives and... Read More

Woodhaven Firewood Rack Review

If you have any type of stick-burner in your outdoor cooking arsenal or a smokeless fire pit like Solo Stove or Breeo, a good supply of wood is a must.... Read More