Canyon XL fire pit

The Solo Stove Canyon is the largest of the brand's 4 different fire pit sizes. But is it too big?

We'll explore things like heat radius, how many people can fit around the fire pit, wood consumption, and what models of Solo Stove may or may not be a better fit for your use.

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Quick Stats




30 in


19 in


55 lbs


304 Stainless Steel


wood; pellet adapter sold separately


Included with purchase

stand and shelter bundle

What is the difference between the Solo Stove Canyon and the Yukon?

With a 30-inch diameter, the Canyon is 3 inches wider than the Solo Stove Yukon. It is also 2 inches taller, and weighs 13.4 pounds more than the Yukon. Of all the Solo Stove fire pits, the Canyon boasts the largest dimensions in every category. It can also handle longer and larger pieces of wood than the Yukon.

What's the heat radius of the Solo Stove Canyon?

At standing height, the Canyon fire pit has a heat radius of 5-6 feet, in our findings. Our test was performed on a windy evening with temperatures ranging in the mid- to upper-40s.

Circle of men standing around the baddest fire pit Solo Stove makes

How many people can fit around the Solo Stove Canyon?

With the larger heat radius of the Canyon, we determined that 10-12 full-grown men could easily stand around the fire pit without crowding. If they were sitting in chairs it may be less because often the width of a chair is wider than just a body.

How much wood does the Canyon burn through?

Starting with a hot coal bed, the Canyon fire pit burned through 12 splits of wood during our 60-minute wood consumption test recently. Surprisingly it was only 2 more splits than the Yukon and not as surprising, twice as many as the Bonfire. It should be noted that our test was performed on a pretty windy day, so our counts were probably more on the "worst-case scenario" end of the wood-burning spectrum.

a beautiful hot fire with truly little smoke

Who is this XL fire pit best for?

David's parents live on 10 acres of land in the country with hundreds of trees constantly dropping sticks and limbs like it's their full-time job. They have a seemingly endless supply of wood asking to be burned year round. I think that this is the perfect smokeless fire pit for anyone in a similar situation. If you have a big back yard and a good source for fire wood, the canyon is a uniquely designed fire pit that creates beautiful smokeless fires and will create lasting memories for years to come.