80 of the Best Grilling Gifts for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

By David and Melissa Gafford   |   Updated December 19, 2023

I've heard it said that when every man turns 40, they have a choice to make: Either go all in on World War II history, or learn to barbecue. I found that statement to be both hilarious and highly relatable.

While barbecue and outdoor cooking obviously aren't exclusively for the 40+ year old man, odds are good that either you or someone on your holiday shopping list enjoys this all-American hobby.

The fun thing about hobbies is that there is always more "stuff" that you can add to your collection to add to the experience. And the fun thing about gift-giving is that people can sometimes receive the "stuff" they want but might never purchase for themselves.

What do you get someone who enjoys grilling?

There are tons of options for gifting to someone who enjoys backyard cooking. From smaller items like seasonings and sauces, to prep tools, to the outdoor cooking appliances themselves, this list is exhaustive and created by people who actually cook outdoors for a living.

All of these recommendations are products we have actually used, enjoyed, and would use again. Any grill master or novice grill enthusiast should be able to find a number of items from this list that they would enjoy receiving themselves.

Since this list is so long, we have included a handy section to the right where you can quickly navigate from category to category.


Note: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. This doesn’t cost you any more than normal but we may earn a small commission from the manufacturer. Read our disclaimer for more info.

What do you get someone who enjoys grilling?

There are tons of options for gifting to someone who enjoys backyard cooking. From smaller items like seasonings and sauces, to prep tools, to the outdoor cooking appliances themselves, this list is exhaustive and created by people who actually cook outdoors for a living.

All of these recommendations are products we have actually used, enjoyed, and would use again. Any grill master or novice grill enthusiast should be able to find a number of items from this list that they would enjoy receiving themselves.

Since this list is so long, we have included a handy section to the below where you can quickly navigate from category to category.

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Seasonings and Sauces

10 oz Clear Plastic Dredge Spice Shaker

Like many other BBQ lovers out there, I love creating my own homemade seasoning rubs from the hundreds of spices I already have in my pantry. I find that this spice shaker with the yellow course lid is the perfect size for most of my homemade rubs to flow freely onto whatever I am seasoning.

infuse flavor into your barbecue with this spice shaker

16 oz. Plastic Spice Jars

If you're buying gifts for an amateur seasoning blend recipe developer like myself, perhaps this 6-pack of 16 oz. plastic spice jars might be the thing. They'll have ample space to store their very own custom-made AP, chicken, beef, Mexican, Creole, and vegetable rubs. I'm a big fan of the size of the holes on these shakers and haven't had any issues with them clogging from coarse ingredients. They're perfect for giving your own spice blends as gifts!

Get 6 empty spice shakers for a reasonable price

Smoked Bros Spice Blends

If creating custom seasonings isn't your jam, here are some dynamite blends that we have really been loving around here. We can't get enough of their Point Man savory blend, especially on our smash burgers. Honey Badger is perfect on pork butt, and Cherry Blast is amazing on chicken thighs. We truly haven't found a single one we don't love. Be sure to use the code: BBQLAB20 to save 20% on your purchase.

good barbecue begins with good spice blends

Mike's Hot Honey

Looking for something sweet to stuff in a stocking this season? Mike's Hot Honey is a great grilling gift for anyone who appreciates some sweet heat. Drizzle it over some wood-fired pizza, smoked cream cheese, or ribs, I just love it on everything.

give a sweet accent to your smoke flavor with Mike's hot honey

Japanese BBQ Sauce

We use this BBQ sauce from Bachan's all the time. It's great as a finishing sauce on grilled meats, and I love to use it on my hibachi-cooked veggies and meat on my outdoor griddle. The umami flavor gives a nice change of pace to wings and even ribs than a more traditional BBQ sauce.

We bring these sauces to the bbq grill all the time

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Ready to try new flavors? Capital City Mambo Sauce is a best seller online for good reason. We love to put it on our chicken wings, fried chicken, pulled pork, ribs, you name it.  Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

Truff Hot Sauce

I love hot sauces, and Truff sauces has changed the game for me. The complexity of flavor is heads above the rest, and it's the perfect gift to help someone branch out into something new that you know they'll love.

Hexmill Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Pepper grinders shoudn't be saved just for visits to your local Olive Garden. Fresh ground pepper elevates almost any dish, and the Hexmill is how we like to grind it while we're cooking. There's a removable base to hold any spices that may make a mess while its stored, and fresh pepper is a win for the family and guests alike.

Prep Tools

Cuisinart Prep and Serve Trays

Instead of making multiple trips to and from the grill, first with a tray of raw meat, then back inside to find a clean tray when the meat is done, the Cuisinart Prep and Serve Trays give a single stackable solution to this age old problem. Use the red tray for raw meat, and once the meat is on the grill, switch the red tray to the bottom of the stack and use the black tray for cooked meat. It's a perfect solution to make sure you have the trays you need for your entire grilling session.

prep and serve trays are some of our favorite grill accessories

Collapsible BBQ Prep Tub

Putting bbq rub on meats like pork butt, ribs and brisket can make a huge mess, but the BBQ Prep Tub changes that. Expand the tub, place your meat inside and all of the seasoning that bounces off the meat is contained inside the tub instead of all over your counter and floor. A true grilling enthusiast would love this as a gift.

BBq prep tub is a great tool to have at your bbq grill

Marinade Injector

Especially around the holidays, we have this marinade injector on hand all the time to inject butter into our turkeys and chickens before they hit the smoker. Briskets are more juicy and pork butts are more flavorful when you add a little injection before they hit the grill, and this tool is our go to before our meat leaves the prep table.

infuse flavor into your meat with this stainless steel marinade injector

Nitrile Gloves

Quite simply our favorite way to keep our hands clean while we’re grilling and at the smoker. Nitrile gloves are even a great way to handle grilled foods when you pair them with the Cotton Glove Liners below. We use this combination to pick up pork butts and briskets to move them around the cooker without needing huge spatulas or tongs.

keep your hands clean at your bbq grill with nitrile gloves

Cotton Glove Liners

When paired with the nitrile gloves above, these two make the perfect combo to be able to move meat around a hot smoker or hold a meat thermometer while temping meat on the grill. The nitrile glove keeps the mess off and the heat resistant cotton glove liner keeps the heat at bay. It’s the 1-2 punch we use daily in grilling and bbq, and no grill master should be without a full stock of both.

for added protection ast your bbq grill, use cotton glove liners

No-Cut Gloves

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been to the ER a few times over my bbq career due to accidental self-inflicted knife injuries. I’ve since learned that the best medicine is an ounce of prevention, and the No Cut Gloves have been my go to ever since. These gloves resist even the sharpest of knives to protect fingers from the accidental slice or dice, and I’ll use the left glove under a nitrile glove (see above) to keep my hands safe during any chopping or slicing session at the cutting board. I've even picked up a smaller set for my kids so they can safely help out at the cutting board.

High Heat Gloves

These rubberized gloves are perfect for moving meats around the smoker. You can get them covered in bbq rubs and sauces, meat juices and more. To clean, it’s as easy as walking to the sink and washing your hands while leaving the gloves on to clean. Incredibly easy to get on and off, and they can handle the mess so you can focus on outdoor cooking.  Your grill master will love these heat resistant gloves!

high heat gloves are safe to use near an open flame at your bbq grill

Grill Gloves

When you want a quick solution to pull on and off when you need to check a quick temperature on the grill, these high heat gloves keep you safe from temperatures up to 900° Fahrenheit. They’re easy on, and easy off, so these are the heat resistant gloves that I leave by the gas grill when I start it up. I can throw them on quick, check a temperature or move things around, put them back on the side shelf and they’re ready for the next time. They’re a staple for us in the outdoor kitchen when we’re grilling or smoking and would make a great grilling gift. 

These grill gloves offer ample heat resistance at your Big Green Egg or bbq grill

Brisket Board

It used to drive me crazy when I was working with bbq meats like brisket and ribs that my cutting board never seemed to be big enough to accommodate these larger cuts of meat. The Brisket Board comes to the rescue with a massive 30” width and a depth of 18 inches. I’ve yet to come across a piece of meat that doesn’t fit on this board, and it’s the only board I prep bbq on anymore. It’s the last cutting board you’ll ever need for BBQ.

grilling larger cuts of meat is no problem with this XL brisket board

Boning Knife

We tested the best boning knives under $100 this year, and the Dalstrong Delta Wolf Boning Knife truly impressed. It’s been the knife I reach for ever since the tests, and that says something, especially since we have 10+ boning knives at our disposal. This one is a winner, and I know your bbq lovers would be delighted to find this under the tree this Christmas. Plus, order directly from Dalstrong and use the code: thebarbecuelab to save 10% off your order.

Slicing Knife

Slicing a brisket into perfect pencil-thick slices is made so much easier when you have the right knife. The Cutluxe 12” slicing knife was our favorite out of 7 contenders for the title of Best Brisket Knife this year, and with a price tag of under $50, it won’t break the bank as a perfect gift for that bbq lover on your gift list.

This slicing knife makes a great BBQ gift

Knife Set

I love buying knife sets as gifts around the holidays, but rarely does an inexpensive set hold up over time before it needs replaced. The MEAT! Your Maker Kitchen Knife Set is a 6 knife set with a knife block holder, and they are great knives first, and a nice block set second. I love that the set comes with both an 8” chef knife and a 7” Nakiri knife. The Nakiri is the knife we use for vegetables, the Chef knife for tons of prep, the 8” carving knife for most of our bbq meats… This set has the staples of what you need to get started with a great knife set in the kitchen. It’s perfect for someone just starting their culinary journey or ready to up their game to a set of knives that are ready to get some serious work done.

Tumbler Knife Sharpener

Keeping my kitchen knives sharp is a battle that I fight all year long, but the Tumbler has made sharpening knives SO much easier. No more sharpening stones and wondering if I got the perfect angle as I was sharpening. It’s as easy as setting my knife upside down against the magnetic base and just rolling the sharpener along the knife. That’s it! If you know someone who uses knives rather often and could use an easy and effective way to sharpen their knives, the Tumbler is where it’s at! Anyone with a few dull kitchen knives is a great gift recipient of the Tumbler this holiday season.

Steak Knives

For the last 3 years, our favorite steak knives have been the Omega Series Steak Knives from Dalstrong. We’ve tried other brands over the years, but nothing has the same razor-sharp edge, strong grip in the hand and pattern that turns heads whenever company is over. I’ve spent years testing knives for The Barbecue Lab, and I’ve still yet to find another steak knife gift set to dethrone the Omega Series. You’re going to love them. Plus, order directly from Dalstrong and use the code: thebarbecuelab to save 10% off your order.

Knife Drawer Organizer

Since we do a ton of knife testing here at The Barbecue Lab, my knife drawers are usually a complete mess in the outdoor kitchen. Melissa got me this knife drawer organizer about a year ago, and it completely changed the way we store and access knives. It allows me to fit more knives in the drawer in a way where they won’t cut my hand when I reach in to grab one, and simply keeps edges sharp and safe in a way that is easy to grab and go. 


Mess and BBQ are synonyms… Okay, maybe not in the dictionary, but in real life they’re inseparable. I keep my clothes stain free by using the BBQ Butler Leather and Canvas apron. It’s perfect for the XL chef, with a waistband that allows for a little more room than others on the market. We’ve been using it for over a year, and it’s not showing any age from countless bbq sessions on the offset smoker. Get one for your grilling enthusiast this season!

stay cleaning while grilling with this leather utility apron

Grilling Tools and Grill Accessories

Grilling Tools

Whether you’re grilling something hot and fast on a gas grill or charcoal grill, or smoking meat low and slow, a great set of tongs and a sturdy spatula make the job easier. We’re in love with this set of grilling tools from Oxo Good Grips, and they’re always at the top of the grill tools drawer in the outdoor kitchen. They get a ton of use on our YouTube channel, and we can’t recommend them highly enough as a perfect gift set for your grill master this holiday season. 

our favorite gilling tools from OXO Good Grips

Kabob Skewers

Nothing brings grilled veggies and meat together better than a good skewer, and this set of kabob skewers is our favorite way to get our grill going. Flexible enough to get the contents on the skewer, but strong enough to make it so moving the skewer around the grill isn’t difficult. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, these kebab skewers are the ones we use at home and on YouTube to bring our favorite dishes to life.

cooking shrimp on the Big Green Egg using these dishwasher safe metal skewers

Rib Rack

Most grills have a horizontal space limitation when it comes to getting enough ribs on the grill to feed a crowd, but the rib rack solves this problem. This rack holds your ribs vertically to allow you to put 3 racks of ribs into a 10 inch wide space, which would normally only be enough room for a single rack. It’s perfect for anyone who loves smoking ribs and wants to fit more on their grill without buying a larger grill, and we love it.

add wood smoke to more ribs at a time with this rib rack

Pork Racks

Call them pastry racks or wire racks, in the bbq world we call them pork racks since they’re the perfect size to place a pork butt on to move around the grill without it falling apart. We like these for candy bacon chicken bites, pork belly burnt ends and more, and they’re perfect for smaller bbq dishes to keep things from slipping between the grates. Instead of leaving the grill door open while rotating meats or flipping over proteins, pull out the whole rack, close the door, flip and rotate without losing heat or holding your hands over a hot grill. These are indispensable in our daily bbq cooking routine.

smoked meatloaf cooking on the Traeger using a pork rack


Breathe new life into an old gas grill with new hard anodized aluminum GrillGrates. These grates eliminate hot spots by giving your grill a completely new cooking surface to grill on. Get those perfect grill marks you’ve been dreaming of on the grill that you have. They come in the exact size you need for any grill, as well as have models available for your favorite air fryer. Get grill marks on steak in your air fryer like you never thought was possible. There’s also a new pizza oven Grill Grate for steak and chicken in your pizza oven like you’ve never had before. Give that outdoor cooking appliance new life and new functionality with Grill Grates this holiday season. They make "grate" grilling gifts for all grill enthusiasts!

Be sure to use the code: BBQLAB10 to save 10% on your purchase.

GrillGrates make the best gifts

Meater 2 Plus Wireless Thermometer

The Meater 2 Plus wireless meat thermometer has changed the way that I think about wireless thermometers. I used to think that they were a nuisance, since they made a huge tunnel into the meat you were cooking, and it just caused meat to look unattractive when you sliced and served. Enter the Meater 2 Plus model, and the diameter of the probe is much thinner. I've been using this meat thermometer since it released, and it's become my go to leave in probe when I'm cooking just 1 or 2 proteins. It's a perfect gift for the grilling enthusiasts who love to smoke and grill meats. I'd be thrilled to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning, and I know whoever you're gifting to will love it as well.

Meater 2 meat thermometer would make a great addition

Instant Read Thermometer

I don’t know if there’s any other tool that helps guarantee the deliciousness of steaks, chicken, and BBQ more than a good instant read thermometer. The instant read I reach for right now is the FireBoard Spark not only because it’s a great instant read thermometer, but because it is also external probe compatible. I can use this meat thermometer as a leave in probe at the oven or a grill, and that multiple use design makes this my favorite instant read on the market, and a fantastic gift for your favorite grill master.

Fireboard Spark instant read thermometer

6-Channel Meat Thermometer

The Fireboard 2 six-channel meat thermometer is not only a fantastic, six-channel thermometer, but it also has the app and software to back it up. We used the FireBoard 2 in our gas grill testing, and it gave us incredible graphical representations of all of our cooks, in addition to helping us make sure that we weren’t overcooking any of the meats that we were testing. I love that this meat thermometer has six channels so I can monitor both the ambient temperature of my grill and the internal temperature of the meats. I’m cooking without fear of running out of channels even during a large cook. This is the multi-channel thermometer I would recommend anyone who wants to wow their favorite grill master this holiday season.

Fireboard 2 would make one of the best grilling gifts

24" Pink Butcher Paper

One thing that we who love to BBQ never seem to have enough of are the staples like butcher paper. I love these 175 foot rolls, and I’d love to receive this as a gift for Christmas! It costs money we tend to not consider in the cost of our que, and stocking your grill master up in the staples during the holidays is always appreciated.

butcher paper

Butcher Paper Dispenser

You can take a butcher paper gift to the next level by adding this butcher paper stand and cutter as well. This will help the roll of paper stay put instead of roll off the table while you’re cooking. It makes the roll easy to store, easy to work with and oh so nice to have around. It’s a big gift for a small price, and I know your grill master will love it.

butcher paper dispenser

Smithey Deep Farmhouse Skillet

When I first saw the deep farmhouse skillet from Smithey, I was smitten. I knew that I wanted to get one for Melissa and the family to use here at The Barbecue Lab, and I wanted to have a family heirloom that we could pass down to the kids as they venture out on their own as they get older. I could get them some type of heirloom to hang on the wall, but I love the idea of teaching them how to cook on a carbon steel heirloom pan that we can give them as they leave the house and start their own families. The memories that we’ll make over the next 5 to 10 years will go with the pan as it leaves our home and becomes a part of their new home. This is an heirloom piece that I am very excited about giving this Christmas to my family, and I know your family would feel the same.

Cast Iron Pan

If there is a workhorse in my outdoor kitchen, it has to be my cast-iron pans. Whether it’s on the smoker cooking chili, or on the pro burner sautéing vegetables, you won’t find us out in the outdoor kitchen, without some type of cast-iron on some cooking appliance. If your favorite grill master or barbecuer doesn’t have a great cast-iron pan, this is the perfect time to make sure that they have what they need to do some great cooking next time you come over.

assortment of cast iron pans

Cuisinart Patio Grill Mat

If my patio could tell stories, it would tell you that I am a complete mess when it comes to outdoor cooking. I have dropped more grease, spilled more dishes and made more messes than I can count. Melissa bought me the Cuisinart patio grill mat to go underneath our smokers and grills, and I have been thrilled with the messes that it has caught for us. I only wish we had purchased two so when I do things like dump chili in front of the grill, I would also be covered. If you know someone who likes to grill or smoke outside, the Cuisinart patio grill mat is one of the best grill accessories to help keep their patio or deck looking shiny and new.

grill mat

Hexclad Grill Pan

When it comes to grilled veggies or roasting delicate foods on gas or charcoal grills, a good grill pan is something I always want to have on hand when I’m preparing a meal. The Hexclad grill pan allows you to still get all of the nice char and grill flavor on your favorite vegetables and sides while making sure that you don’t lose half of what you’re cooking between the grates. If you know grilling enthusiasts who like to grill and don't have a grill pan, this is a perfect gift that will return a gift back to you as you come back for their next cookout.

even vegetables can go on the bbq grill with this grill pan

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer

Say goodbye to tough or stringy steaks! We use a Jaccard to tenderize steaks and other tough cuts of meat before they hit the grill, and it is simply amazing the difference it makes. Strip steak is a chewy cut, but after a pass through with the Jaccard, it cuts and eats like Ribeye or filet. Stretch your meat budget by adding a Jaccard to your BBQ and grilling tools, and help your favorite grill master up their steak tenderness game.

Jaccard  meat tenderizer

Sasquash Smash Burger Press

We love our smash burgers here at The Barbecue Lab, and our favorite tool to get the job done is the Sasquash Burger press. It’s made of all stainless steel, and it releases the burger from the press, unlike many of the competitors on the market that stick. When you press the patty down to the grill, you don’t want to have to use parchment paper or other methods to get that patty to release and stay on the griddle. The Sasquash makes it so you can press and release without any worries of your patty sticking to your press, and it’s one of the best flat-top grilling tools you could give this holiday season to anyone who loves smash burgers.

smashing the meat flat with the sasquash burger press

Le Griddle Griddle Tools

I love that this package contains all of the elements that I use all the time on a propane griddle. The long spatulas for working with everything from fajitas to fried rice, the short spatula for better control with burgers and smaller proteins, and the tongs to move things around easily. There's even two squirt bottles, one for oil when you're cooking, and the other for water when you're cleaning. It's a great tool set for the beginner or more experienced griddler on your list.

BBQ Sprayer

If you’re buying a gift for someone who likes to smoke meat this season, a great barbecue sprayer is something that most barbecue guys don’t have. It’s what allows them to keep their meat moist as they smoke it low-and-slow to get that nice smoky flavor, and this barbecue sprayer is what we use here at The Barbecue Lab for our extended smoking sessions.

Yukon Glory Grill Light

For all those nights from late autumn through mid-spring when we're grilling dinner in the dark, the Yukon Glory Grill Light is one of the best grill accessories. Whether you're using a charcoal grill or a gas grill, this grill light attaches securely to the side shelf either magnetically or with a screw clamp to illuminate whatever you're grilling.

grill light makes a great addition to your actual grill

Cleaning Supplies

Stainless Steel Cleaner

We clean a lot of stainless steel here in our outdoor kitchen, and this cleaner has become our go to cleaner for stainless steel doors, drawers and grills. Once your grill grates and inside of the grill is clean, shine up that stainless exterior and protect it from the elements with this cleaner. It’ll make your grill shine bright all season long, and makes a great stocking stuffer!

Goo Gone Grill & Grate Cleaner

This is the best grill and grate cleaner that I’ve found on the market. I’ve used Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner to take a dirty grill from not-usable-on-camera to looking almost new. It’s the secret sauce to making your old grill look like a new grill, and it makes a great grilling gift.

Bar Keepers Friend

For those hard-to-get-out stainless steel scuffs, drips, and residue, there’s nothing that works better than a little liquid Bar Keepers Friend. We use it on our fire pit, pizza oven, grills, and more here at The Barbecue Lab, so we’ve tested it again and again on tough stains that other solutions couldn’t get out. Stuff their stocking this year with the cleaner that gets the job done.

Grill Rescue Brush

I’ve scrubbed many grill grates in the past few years, and learned that steam is a powerful ally when fighting leftover food residue. Just dunk the Grill Rescue brush in water, and clean your grill while it’s hot to let the power of steam clean your gas grill. The difference between this grill brush and the traditional bristle brush is huge, so much so that we’ve thrown away the old style grill brush and rely solely on the Grill Rescue grill brush. This is a perfect gift that will delight the most hardcore grill master out there, and encourage them to ditch their old and dirty grill brush for something more safe.

Grill Rescue Brush was our pick for best overall grill brush

Grill Floss

If the grill master you’re buying for has round grates on their grill and they’re meticulous about cleaning, the Grill Floss was made for them. The different sized ends of the Grill Floss will match up with the grate size to perfectly clean each grate rod one at a time for a perfect clean like you can usually only get in the sink by pulling all of the grates out and soaking them overnight. If you want a clean grill grate without all the soaking and mess, the Grill Floss is made for round grates everywhere.

GrillFloss scraper tool

Fire Starters

Tumbleweed Fire Starters

I think for all grill masters, this should be a standard every-year gift to find at the top of their stockings. Just leave some Tumbleweed fire starters hanging out the top of their stocking, and they know it’s going to be a great Christmas. Give the gift that keeps on giving you great food and memories outside around the grill.

use tumbleweed fire starters with your charcoal chimney

Butane Torch

Why use a lighter to get things going when you can use a torch? I ditched the lighter years ago and replaced it with a refillable butane torch, and it’s been beautiful. No more worrying about the wind when I’m lighting the charcoal chimney or fire pit. Just point and shoot, and everything from fire starters to charcoal chimneys, or charcoal to log cabins of wood in pizza ovens are lit and ready to go. It’s an inexpensive gift that I know every outdoor cook would love.

Kamado Joe Big Block Lump Charcoal

Want to give a huge gift this year that won’t break the bank? Wrap up a bag of Big Block lump charcoal! Every grill master can use a bag of lump charcoal to get the fire started, and my favorite charcoal is gifted charcoal, since I’m not going to the store to lug it home. Fuel is a great gift, and if you’re lucky, they just might ask you back when they light up the grill for dinner…

Traeger Signature Pellets

If the person you’re buying for this year has a pellet grill, get them some fuel for that smoky flavor! Traeger pellets are the biggest seller on Amazon right now, and they have a bunch of flavors to choose from. I’d start with a Signature or Competition Blend since it’s hard to go wrong with that mix, no matter what they’re cooking.

Traeger pellets give a nice smokey flavor

Looftlighter 2

The LooftLighter 2 is our favorite electric fire starter and it makes a great gift! You can light everything from the fireplace to outdoor fire pits, pizza ovens, Big Green Egg, and more. As long as you have an electrical outlet nearby, the Looftlighter 2 will bring the fire. Ditch the propane and Map gas and just plug it in whenever you need a spark. And bonus, the stand doubles as a bottle opener!

GrillBlazer GrillGun

If you’re buying a gift for someone who likes being around fire, the GrillGun is the gift they’re begging for. It’s quite simply the most fun we’ve had lighting our fire pit, wood pizza oven, charcoal grills, and kamados. It’s the fastest way I’ve encountered to light an offset smoker and get 1,000 pounds of metal hot enough to smoke in. The GrillGun is the gift that will delight any outdoor cook who uses fire. Save 10% by using code BBQLAB at checkout.

GrillGun in front of a log rack

Grills and Smokers

Grilla Primate Gas Grill & Griddle

Would a full gas grill and full gas griddle in one unit delight someone on your gift list this year? We love the Grilla Primate as it’s the best combo grill we’ve ever used. No more half grill and half griddle like you find in the big box stores that are underpowered and undersized. The Primate is 34 inches of both gas grill and griddle depending on your needs. If you want the one grill that will handle it all, the all stainless steel Primate is the ultimate upgrade for that person on your list who likes to grill outdoors.

Grilla Grills Primate gas grill and flat top grill combo

Weber Kettle

Is there anything more iconic than a Weber Grill under the tree at Christmas? It's the original portable grill! If the grill masters in your family have yet to grill on a Weber Kettle charcoal grill, take them to new culinary heights with a grill that can do it all. Grill, smoke, sear, 2 zone cooking, indirect cooking, snake method, minion method, and more, it all happens right here in the Weber Kettle and it’s an inexpensive way to give your loved one the gift of charcoal grilling this holiday season.

Weber original kettle grill

Grilla Silverbac AT

When we tested the best pellet grills under $1,200, I didn’t see the Grilla Silverbak as a front-runner, but boy did it exceed my expectations. From the all-terrain cart that gives me mobility all around the yard to the stainless steel drip tray and internal components that other brands tend to build on the cheap… the Grilla Silverbak is built to exceed your expectations, with a digital app and controller that gives you control of your grill when you’re on the go. This is the pellet grill that you’d find on my patio right now, and I heartily recommend it as the pellet grill you should buy this holiday season for someone you love. From smoking ribs to grilling chicken wings, you're going to love this pellet smoker.

Grilla Grills Silverback AT

ASMOKE Portable Pellet Grill

If someone on your list is into tailgating or camping, we really like the ASmoke AS350 portable grill as the pellet grill you take with you on the go. Weighing under 50 pounds, it's both a smoker and a grill that you can throw in the back of the truck to take with you without calling friends over to help load up. There’s an integrated meat probe that syncs to the digital screen so you always know what your internal meat temperature is, along with a second-level grate so you can cook more to feed a crowd. Pellet grills are the perfect flex for tailgaters and campers to roll up and get the smoke rolling.

Asmoke portable grill

Weber 36" Griddle

In our Best Outdoor Griddle head-to-head comparison, the Weber 36” griddle really surprised us with how much value they were able to pack into a griddle for under $600. A full 36” cooking surface that isn’t just massive, but also heated evenly is what won our test. The ability to cook anywhere on the surface and get the same heat if you want it makes the Weber griddle stand out against the competition, and would be a perfect upgrade for the griddle lover in your group. 

Weber 36" flat top grill

Breeo Outpost Grill

Open flame cooking is growing in popularity as shows like BBQ Showdown and others issue cooking challenges over live wood fires. The Breeo Outpost Grill is what those competitors working with cinderblocks and chicken wire wished they had, and the outdoor cook on your list can get the live fire setup they’re wishing for in the Outpost Grill. Just stake it into the ground or your Breeo fire pit, and move the grate up and down where you need it for a good sear or indirect heat. It’s a new (old) way of outdoor cooking to challenge that grill master on your list to expand their cooking horizons.

open flame cooking on the breeo outpost grill

Pizza Cooking

Solo Stove Pi Prime

I’ve made pizzas in over 15 different pizza oven models this year alone, and the pizza oven that amazes me with a mix of price and performance is the Solo Stove Pi Prime. For right around $300, this pizza oven stands out from the crowd with consistent heat, pie after pie from the propane gas burner. If you want to give a gift that you’ll be able to go back and receive from once they’ve mastered backyard pizza, prepare to make your gift recipient the happiest you’ve ever seen them with a Solo Stove Pi Prime this holiday season. Save $10 off a Solo Stove purchase of $99 or more with the discount code: BARBECUELAB.

Solo Stove Pi Pizza oven has been improved with the Pi Prime

Solo Stove Prep Board

This is the bamboo prep board that we make all of our pizzas on. I love that there’s a guide to show me how large of a pizza I’m making so I can make sure it fits in the oven. I like that there’s 3 integrated containers to store everything from semolina flour to sauce, and it’s designed so you can hang the container section of the board off the counter so they hang freely at counter level. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves making pizza, then this is a perfect gift I know they’ll love.

Dough Docker

This dough docker has changed our home pizza-making for the better. By simply docking the dough before we add toppings, we don’t have problems with the middle of our pizza rising where it’s not supposed to anymore. It also serves as the way that we can bake blind crusts without adding in pie crust weights like Grandma used to use. We use the docker to make dessert pizzas that need a little time in the oven with no toppings first, and we love having this on hand to expand our pizza-making options. It makes a great gift for that loved one with a pizza oven.

Ooni Toppings Station

Every time we make pizzas out on the patio, we arrange our toppings in the Ooni Toppings Station to keep things organized. I love that the containers have lids that seal and stack well in between uses. I also really enjoy that they can be moved around and ordered however I’m feeling for the pizzas that I’m creating. If I want shredded mozzarella to be last, I just take out the largest container and place it at the end. If I want sauce at the end for deep dish, I can do that as well. It’s the best solution I’ve found to keep toppings organized for our pizza-making sessions here at The Barbecue Lab. I know that any pizza maker in your family would love to get this as a gift.

Dalstrong Pizza Wheel

We’ve tested a bunch of pizza cutters this past year, and the best by a long, long shot was the Dalstrong Orbit Pizza Wheel. We tested rocking cutters, pizza wheels, and scissors, and this Orbit pizza cutter just destroyed the competition. We’ve put all of the other cutters in a box we probably won’t open for a few years, and this pizza wheel is front and center in our outdoor kitchen drawer and used often. If you’re buying for someone who loves pizza, you don’t need to look any further than the Dalstrong Pizza Wheel to make the perfect gift. 

Artisan Dough Trays

In case you’re buying gifts for a pizza fan and you’re not a pizza maker, just know that each pizza dough that you make needs around 4+ hours to rise properly before making a pizza. While I started out proofing dough in bowls from all around the house, when I got serious about pizza making, one of the first things I bought was a dough tray to let my dough rise both at room temperature and in the fridge for 24 and 48-hour proofing sessions. Show your favorite pizzaiolo how they can expand their dough-making process with an artisan dough tray set. They will thank you with future pizza that has incredible flavor. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer

The Christmas season is ripe with deals to be had on this KitchenAid Mixer. It’s perfect for pizza dough when you’re making 6 or fewer dough balls at a time. You’d be giving a gift that keeps on giving as well, as it’s perfect for everything from mixing to grating cheese, grinding meat, rolling pasta and more with the many available mixer attachments. You can find the mixer at the best price we’re aware of using the links below, and we’ll keep them updated all season long so you know you’re getting the best price anywhere on a mixer that will raise their pizza dough game and more. 

Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

When you’re getting together and don’t want to worry about making dough, you can buy pre-made and frozen dough balls that you can ship anywhere. Just thaw the dough balls overnight in the fridge, pop them on the counter the next day for a few hours and you’re ready to make pizza. 

Save $10 off a Solo Stove purchase of $99 or more with the discount code: BARBECUELAB

Preserving Leftovers

Nesco Vacuum Sealer

We cook lots of bbq and have a ton of experience with saving leftovers for another time, and a good vacuum sealer is the secret. For everything from leftover pulled pork to extra burgers, we will put them in a vacuum seal bag and give them an air-tight seal that we can store in the freezer for weeks or months without a loss in quality. We love taking leftover bbq and reheating it in a sous vide as well, so a vacuum sealer and a sous vide is the 1-2 punch that makes your outdoor cook a bbq legend. 

Nesco Deluxe vacuum sealer

Meat! Chamber Vacuum Sealer

If you’re buying a vacuum sealer for a hunter or someone who really likes to meal prep, a chamber vacuum sealer is the only way to go. This unit will seal liquids without batting an eye, something that less expensive external sealers just can’t do. This vacuum sealer comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s a unit that you just buy once. Delight someone this holiday season with an absolutely amazing chamber vacuum, and hint that you have some room in your freezer that you’re willing to fill…

Meat! chamber vacuum sealer

Anova Sous Vide

A good Sous Vide is my favorite way to reheat vacuum-sealed leftovers. I haven’t found any other way that can make leftovers taste as good as the day I cooked them other than a sous vide. We use the Anova Sous Vide at home for all of our BBQ and grilled leftovers, and we use it 2-3 times per week to make evening meals incredibly easy. The Anova Sous Vide has all the temperature range I would ever need in a compact package, so storing it under the counter keeps the countertop clean in between uses. Any outdoor cook would love a sous vide to keep their culinary creations tasting fresh the second time around. 

Homenote Sous Vide Container

We use the Anova Sous Vide above and attach it to the Homenote Sous Vide Container to reheat bbq meats, and we love it. The container has a lid that keeps the heat in so we’re not continually losing water to evaporation and heat into the air. There’s a cutout in the lid that’s the perfect size for the Anova Sous Vide unit, and we store our sous vide inside the container when its not in use. It’s a wonderful addition to any kitchen that can make dinnertime a breeze on busy work and school nights.

Mail Order Meat

If you’re buying for someone who likes to smoke meat this holiday season, consider sending meat to their door from a small sustainable farm. Blackbird Farm offers humanely raised, antibiotic-free pasture-fed meats with no added hormones. There are two gift boxes to choose from this holiday season.

Blackbird Farm: "A Selection of our Best"

Box #1 is the Selection Of Their Best Box, which includes 2 prime boneless black Angus rib-eye steaks, 2 American Heritage Berkshire bone-in pork chops, and a package of 2 eight-ounce black Angus burgers. You can deliver a grill master's dream box to their door this holiday season.

Blackbird Farm: "Roasting, Grilling, or Smoking"

Box #2 comes with a Picanha, which is a hard-to-find cut at local grocery stores, but delicious roasted on a spit or reverse seared on your grill. A beautiful fat cap that gets all crispy when it's seared as well as a boneless pork loin roast, that we seared and roasted for our family with some sauerkraut using an old family recipe.

Depending on where you live in the US, you can get free shipping on these boxes, or if you’re far away from the NorthEast, you can get half off shipping using the code “BARBECUELABGIFT” at checkout. I’ve always loved getting meat like pork chops as a gift during the holidays when I’m entertaining, and buying from Blackbird Farm is supporting a small American family farm while elevating your grilling experience.

Outdoor Living

Solo Stove Bonfire

Quite simply put, it’s the best-selling fire pit you can find today, and you won’t smell like smoke after you leave the fire. The smokeless design of the Solo Stove Bonfire makes it so you can have a fire after dinner and not need a shower before you hit the bed. The stainless steel Bonfire makes a great gift for anyone who likes spending time outdoors, and it's incredibly portable to take on the go. The Bonfire is our pick as the best fire pit you can give this holiday season. 

Save $10 off a Solo Stove purchase of $99 or more with the discount code: BARBECUELAB

The Bonfire burns wood with much less smoke than most traditional fire pits

Solo Stove Roasting Sticks

We joke here that these roasting sticks will be passed down from our generation to our kids when we’re gone. They’re just solid, built well and they work. I love that they fold down to a compact carrying case to take them on the go, and they’re easy to clean by just unscrewing the end and washing them in the sink. From hot dogs to S'mores, these stainless steel roasting sticks are the best friend of any fire pit for good reason. 

roasting sticks are great for cooking hot dogs and marshmallows

Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools

One of the things that helps smokeless fire pits stay smokeless is keeping the logs under the upper ring of the fire pit. Oftentimes, I find that in order to make that happen, I need fire pit tools to move logs around when I’m adding wood to the fire. These fire pit tools from Solo Stove are simply my favorite, and I highly suggest them to anyone who wants to buy some great tools for anyone who likes grilling gifts. The tongs are heavy-duty enough to pick up full wood splits without any trouble, and that’s saying something in this age of flimsy metal tools you can find online. 

Bluetooth Speaker Cup

Who doesn't appreciate a good bluetooth speaker when you're spending the day outside by the smoker? What's even better is when that speaker is serving you up 18 ounces of your favorite cold beverage! These Frio speaker cups from Renaissance Cooking Systems offer a surprisingly good sound that you can take with you in something you were already planning on taking with you!

GCI Portable Rocker

From kids' sporting events to firing up the offset smoker in the driveway, this GCI portable rocking chair is my pick for an essential chair this holiday season. I love that it rocks back and forth, and it’s portable, which means that it’s 1 less thing I need to find room for in the garage. I like it so much, I bought one for Melissa as well, so we’re both rocking the GCI chairs when we’re outside filming for the channel or making bbq for the local youth group. If a chair is something that the outdoor cook on your list needs, this is the one I’d buy every time. 

Pop Up Canopy

Don’t let rain get in the way of their next BBQ or grilling session! This pop-up canopy gives protection from the elements while they’re cooking, and stores safely in a rolling bag when it’s not in use. 

Breeo Fire Pit Chairs

For the ultimate fire pit chair, give them the Breeo X Series poly chair. The poly material stands up to the elements for many years, and also gives the rigidity for XL guests around the fire. We’ve used the Breeo X Series chairs around our fire pit for over a year now, and we absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone who wants to delight their friends or family during the holidays. 


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