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Meet the Barbecue Lab team.

David and Melissa are passionate about barbecue.

david and melissa gafford

For over 20 years, David and Melissa Gafford have been gathering people together through outdoor cooking. 

From small get-togethers to large events, they've been cooking outdoors on every appliance they can get their hands on.

They started The Barbecue Lab in 2018 and quickly found an audience on YouTube and the web helping people embrace the best techniques and gear to make their backyard the only place friends and family ever want to be.

Weekend Warriors

love us because they maximize their weekends & constantly wow their neighbors.

Competition Teams...

love us because they buy the best gear the first time which makes turn in time easy.

Barbecue Spouses...

love us because they always know the perfect gift for the bbq lovers in their life.

Backyard Amateurs...

love us because they are losing their amateur status and getting better with every cook.

Catering Teams...

love us because they know which tools to buy that will endure the rigors of catering.

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