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14 Best BBQ Side Dishes

Wondering what the best BBQ side dishes are for your next backyard barbecue? In our house, sometimes more attention is given to the “main event” of our next barbecue and... Read More

Chipotle Chorizo Smoked Queso

Chipotles in adobo? I love it. My wife hates it. Chorizo sausage? I love it. My wife hates it. Cheese? We both love it. So when I created this recipe... Read More

Classic Smoked Queso

This recipe is where it all began. Smoked queso became a trending recipe early in the pandemic back in 2020, and most of the recipes you saw for it back... Read More

Spicy Smoked Queso

When we’re not cooking with our kids in mind, Melissa sometimes lets me bring a little heat to our recipes. One of our guest judges in our Smoked Queso 5... Read More

Smoked Queso Blanco

This recipe was definitely created with our kids in mind. While Ethan is slowly growing to appreciate a little heat, Addy is still strongly opposed to anything spicy. So we... Read More

David’s Smoked Queso

When I’m left alone in the kitchen to make smoked queso, this is usually the direction that I head. Taco meat just calls me. Pepper jack cheese and jalapenos call... Read More

Tomatillo Salsa Verde Recipe

Tomatillo salsa verde recipe I’ve been a huge fan of salsa verde for many years. But for the longest time, I assumed that buying it in a jar from the... Read More

Oklahoma Onion Burger

The Oklahoma onion burger has been a big deal at our house for many months now. In fact, I’ve been forbidden from preparing hamburgers any other way anymore. We can’t... Read More

Bacon Tater Tot Skewers

Fall is upon us and that means that football is back. With the start of football season, we’re always looking for delicious recipes to share with friends on game day.... Read More