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Philly Cheese Steak Recipe For The Rest Of Us

I do not live in Philadelphia. I never have. In fact, I live about 10 hours away by car. Therefore I am not an expert on Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.... Read More

The Overthinker’s Guide to the Perfect Smash Burger Recipe

What percentage of ground beef is the best for maximum juiciness in a smash burger? How hot should the griddle be to get the best sear? How long before I... Read More

Oklahoma Onion Burger

The Oklahoma onion burger has been a big deal at our house for many months now. In fact, I’ve been forbidden from preparing hamburgers any other way anymore. We can’t... Read More

How To Smoke A Brisket On A Pellet Grill

Years ago when I first got into barbecue, my ultimate goal was to learn how to smoke a brisket. Of course, that was before pellet grills were a thing and... Read More

Crunch Wrap Supreme Recipe

While we’ve been stuck at home, the kids, (who am I kidding…) I have been craving some of the fast food goodies that we used to go out and get... Read More

Smoked Mac and Cheese Recipe

This smoked mac and cheese recipe goes beyond the call of duty by including leftover smoked brisket and crispy fried onions on top! You have got to try this delicious... Read More

Grilled Pizza Recipe

We have been grilling pizzas for a while. In fact, for many years this recipe has been our signature dish. We’re so excited to finally post so others can use... Read More

Smoked Brisket Chili Recipe

Cool fall and winter days demand that you fix this smoked brisket chili recipe. It is the perfect bowl of smokey comfort to warm you up from the inside out.... Read More

Big Mac Sliders on Pretzel Roll Buns

Our recipe for big mac sliders is like no other. Skip the sesame seed bun and go for the pretzel roll instead. You won’t want it any other way! Note:... Read More

Smoked Meatloaf

This Smoked meatloaf recipe will amaze and delight even the most skeptical meatloaf eaters in your house! The bbq and smoke flavors kick this comfort food up to a whole... Read More