The MeatStick is a wireless meat thermometer designed to be used in both smoking and grilling applications.

We've tested a wide variety of cooking thermometers over the past couple of years, from instant read to multi-channel, but the MeatStick is the first truly wireless meat thermometer we've had the opportunity to use.

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The WiFi Pro Combo Set

The meat stick WiFi Pro Combo set

The WiFi Pro Combo Set includes one MeatStick, a MeatStick charger, WiFi bridge, one MeatStick Mini, a MiniX charger, and a carrying case that holds it all.

the meatstick

MeatStick- The MeatStick measures 13.5 cm long and has 2 different sensors. The ambient temperature sensor in the ceramic handle ranges 32-572°F. The internal temp sensor ranges 32-212°F. The MeatStick has a battery life of 24 hrs+. Without the WiFi bridge, in an enclosed cook setup the MeatStick has a limited range of 6 feet.

the MeatStick charger

MeatStick Charger- Powered by 2-AA batteries, this can charge one standard-sized MeatStick at a time. It also features a magnetic back.

the MeatStick WiFi bridge

WiFi Bridge- The device connects up to 8 MeatStick probes to your WiFi network so that you can see real-time temperatures through the branded app for both Apple and Android devices. The bridge is powered by a micro-USB input and must be plugged in while in use.

the MeatStick Mini

MeatStick Mini- The MeatStick Mini measures 9.5 cm long and only has 1 sensor. The internal temp sensor in the metal probe ranges 32-185°F. The MeatStick Mini has a battery life of 8 hrs+.

the MiniX charger

MiniX Charger- Powered by 2-AA batteries, this can charge one MeatStick Mini at a time. It also features a magnetic back. This charger includes a built-in Xtender that can expand your MeatStick Mini's range up to 260 feet.

the MeatStick WiFi Pro combo set carrying case

Carrying Case- Designed to perfectly hold all the components of the WiFi Pro combo set as well as up to 8 additional MeatStick probes that you may purchase separately. 

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

How does the MeatStick work?

The Meatstick uses a wireless probe that is inserted directly into your meat. The probe measures both the ambient temperature as well as the meat temperature and transmits that information via Bluetooth to your smart device.

starting a new cook on the MeatStick app

Within the MeatStick app, first select your cook method: oven, stovetop, grill, smoke, sous vide, or deep fry.

From there you then select what protein you are cooking, (beef, chicken, pork, seafood, etc.) what cut of that protein you are working with, and your desired doneness (well done, medium rare, etc.). That will give you a target temperature to start with and you can move a slider if you wish to make any adjustments.

After you have the desired temperature set, insert the MeatStick into your food and start cooking. Your app will notify you when your meat is done cooking.

Where can you use The MeatStick?

On their website, MeatStick boasts that it's "made to withstand the harsh environments of all types of cooking" including a smoker, grill, oven, sous-vide, and even a deep fryer. It can withstand temperatures up to 572°, so as long as you keep the ambient temperature below that mark, the device should work perfectly.

The MeatStick can NOT be used in the microwave or a pressure cooker. While it can be used in a crockpot, that is not a recommended use of this product.

The MeatStick app

The MeatStick app is a necessary companion to the device itself. The app can be downloaded for free to your Apple or Android smart device. The app is able to read up to 8 probes at one time.

the app for MeatStick

Once you set up your account, follow the instructions in the app to pair your MeatStick probe(s).

Within the app you can monitor the ambient temperature and food temperature as well as set up temperature alerts so that you can be notified instantly whenever your cook has reached the target temperature.

The MeatStick has a limited range of 6 feet in order to communicate with your smart device. However, the Meatstick WiFi bridge set allows unlimited range over WiFi. With this capability, you could even monitor your cook from the other side of town if you so choose.

How Do You Clean The MeatStick?

The newer models of the MeatStick are dishwasher safe. They can also be easily washed with a soft sponge and warm soapy water.

the MeatStick sitting in a sink of soapy water

What We Loved About the MeatStick

Smart wireless thermometer

I feel like Meatstick has finally created the meat thermometer that the Jetsons would have used. It's the Pinocchio of the thermometer world. (It's got no strings to hold it down). It's smart. It's wireless. It utilizes the smart device that I've already got on me at all times anyway. 

Ambient Sensor and Internal Sensor in One

With most meat thermometers we've used, we utilize a food probe and a separate pit probe that both require wires running out of the pit into the device itself. This gets cumbersome and sloppy and I love that the MeatStick is not only wireless but serves as BOTH the food probe and the pit probe, giving you the ambient temp of your cooking vessel.

WiFi Bridge

If I'm being honest, I'm not sure that I would appreciate the MeatStick as much as I do without the WiFi Bridge. I've never used it without and I really have no desire to. So if you have internet access, get yourself the MeatStick WiFi bridge set and enjoy the unlimited range it provides.

Now keep in mind that it must remain plugged in within 6 feet of the MeatStick while in use, so if having a nearby power source is a problem for you, the micro USB charger could be plugged into a portable power bank.

Sous Vide, Deep Fryer, and Dishwasher Safe

I've grown accustomed to meat thermometers being grill, oven, and smoker safe, but dishwasher, sous vide, and deep fryer as well?! That's impressive and truly sets this thermometer apart from all others on the market.

MeatStick Mini for Smaller Cuts of Meat

If you're planning to cook any smaller cuts of meat, a smaller MeatStick probe will be necessary. The MeatStick Mini is perfect for foods like grilled chicken thighs, pork chops, and fish.

Achieve Meat Perfection

Where do you stick a meat thermometer?

First, you must know where the temperature sensor is located on the thermometer. That sensor should be inserted into the thickest part of the meat being cooked. Be sure to avoid any bones or fat as that can affect the accuracy of your temperature reading. Whenever possible, the temperature sensor should reach the thermal center of the meat. This is the coldest part of the meat and will be the last part to come up to the desired temperature.

Can you leave a meat thermometer in the meat while it's cooking?

Some meat thermometers are oven and grill safe and others are intended to be used outside of the heat source.

Most oven-safe meat thermometers have a wired probe that gets left inside the meat and then closed in the oven or smoker door while being plugged into a digital receiver that remains outside of the heat source.

Vision grills kamado with Flame Boss 500 set up

The MeatStick is a true wireless meat thermometer because it can be left in the food while cooking inside the oven or grill and there is no wire connecting to an external device. Instead, it communicates meat temperature to the MeatStick app via Bluetooth or with the aid of the WiFi bridge.

the MeatStick inside a whole chicken smoking on a kamado grill

An instant-read thermometer is designed to be able to capture a quick reading of the temperature, but not be left in the meat. These are great for quickly testing temperatures of different locations of a larger piece of meat (like checking the flat vs. the point of a brisket, or thigh vs. the breast of a whole chicken or turkey).

temping the pellet grill brisket with a Thermapen One

What is the desired internal temperature?

Whether you're a new cook or a seasoned chef, knowing the target temperature of the meats you're preparing is a critical part of the cooking process.

grilling steaks using GrillGrates on the ARG gas grill

Different types of meats require different internal temperatures in order to be safe to consume. Having a food thermometer like the MeatStick probe inserted into the thickest part of the meat while it cooks in your oven or grill is the best way to get consistent results.



Target Internal Temp

Ground meat

beef, pork, veal, lamb


turkey, chicken


Fresh beef, veal, lamb

steaks, roast, chops



all varieties and cuts


Pork and ham

fresh pork and ham


precooked ham (reheat)



fish with fins


The MeatStick can measure temperatures while your food cooks and tell you exactly what is going on through the app.

Whether you're grilling a steak to a nice medium-rare or trying to be certain your chicken breast is cooked fully but not overdone, using a wireless food thermometer like the MeatStick is a guaranteed way to hit the perfect temp with every cook.