David holding a variety of Ooni pizza oven accessories

We've been Ooni pizza oven users for a few years now and have accumulated an assortment of Ooni accessories to accompany our Koda 16 and Karu 16 pizza ovens.

As with any type of cooking, there's a seemingly endless supply of additional tools and accessories that could be purchased to enhance your pizza making experience. Some make things easier, some just make it more fun. 

There are a lot of Ooni pizza oven accessories available and here are some of our favorites.

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Best Ooni Accessories

Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven Cover

For added weather protection if you plan on storing your Karu 16 multi-fuel pizza oven outside, this waterproof cover is about as good as it can get. I can't imagine a more perfect fit for such an awkwardly shaped item. With the elastic edge and adjustable straps, this cover isn't going anywhere if the wind picks up.

cover for Ooni Karu 16

Ooni Medium Table

Both the Karu 16 and Koda 16 gas powered pizza oven fit perfectly on the medium size modular table by Ooni. We love that this table is on wheels and we can easily move it around to wherever we want to use it next. There are also 3 hooks to hang your Ooni pizza peels while not being used. The shelves below are great for storing your firewood or any other supplies you need close by. While the medium size table is a perfect fit, it doesn't leave any more prep space to work with, so if you're hoping to have any room at all for other pizza-related tasks, you could gain 8 extra inches on either side of your Ooni pizza oven by getting the large table instead.

Ooni pizza oven table

Perforated Pizza Peel

We have used the 14" metal pizza peel, the 14" bamboo pizza peel, and the 14" perforated pizza peel, and the perforated peel was our favorite. It can be hard to get your dough to slide off of your peel properly during a launch, and using too much flour or cornmeal can result in an unnecessary burned flavor on your crust. We have found that the perforated peel offers the least resistance, contributing to more successful pizza launches.

Ooni perforated peel

Pizza Turning Peel

In my opinion, this pizza turning peel is a must. When we got our Koda 16, this was out of stock and we were forced to turn our pizza by pulling it out of the oven on the peel and rotating it with our fingers before pushing it back onto the stone. Using the turning peel is SO MUCH EASIER! I mean, if it's out of stock when you go to buy, turning your pizzas manually is of course doable, but keep checking back because when this is available you're going to want to get one.

Ooni turning peel

Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

For a perfectly cooked pizza crust, Ooni suggests aiming for around 752°F surface temperature on your stone before launching. And in order to know the temperature of your stone, you're going to need a high-temp infrared thermometer. You'll be reaching for this all throughout your cook and Ooni's IR thermometer hasn't failed us yet.

Ooni Infrared thermometer

Ooni Premium Assorted Oak Pack

Even if you don't plan on always sourcing your firewood through Ooni, I highly suggest starting out with a box of this premium assorted oak. It taught me a lot about what size of wood works best in the Karu 16 pizza oven. And then later when I decided to go ahead and cut my own wood, I quickly realized that having this box of ready-to-go oak was a much easier situation.

Assorted oak pack

Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters

Firestarters are going to be necessary for getting your fire started (thus the name). I've used just about every brand and variety of fire starters on the market, and have been very happy with these ones from Ooni.


Ooni Pizza Oven Brush and Scraper Tool

You're going to want a good wire brush that can sweep away the burnt bits of flour/cornmeal, and ash before preparing for your next cook. As an added bonus, this brush also features a stainless steel scraper on the end for those times when the toppings move faster than the dough and get baked onto the stone.

wire brush and scraper

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Admittedly, this Ooni pizza oven accessory would classify as more of a "want" than a "need." But we absolutely love ours. It keeps all the toppings together in an organized fashion, with lids to keep the bugs out between use. We can prep each container ahead of time and pull them together at the last minute when ready, and if there are toppings leftover at the end of the night, each individual compartment can be moved to the fridge for the next day. 

Ooni pizza topping station

Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate

If you ever hope to cook anything besides pizza and/or bread in your Ooni oven, you'll want to pick up this grizzler plate. One side is a flat cast iron griddle, but flip it over and you have a sizzler plate with ridges.

chicken fajitas on the cast iron grizzler pan cooked in our Ooni oven

Dough Proofing Tray

If you're making your own pizza dough, these trays (not from Ooni) are perfect for proofing your dough balls. It comes with two identical trays and one lid for easy stacking.

homemade dough balls proofing

Our Favorite Pizza Cookbooks

"Cooking with Fire"

This cookbook from Ooni is a great resource to get you started with a basic Neapolitan dough and pizza sauce recipes, as well as some less traditional pizza recipes to challenge you beyond the traditional toppings you'e always grown up eating.

Cooking with Fire cookbook

"The Elements of Pizza"

 Ken Forkish doesn't just give REALLY good recipes in this book, he tells the "Why" behind all things pizza. Why are all pizza recipes measured in grams? Why isn't my crust flaky? Why can't I get a char on the bottom of my crust? If you want great recipes and to learn along the way, this is the book.

The Elements of Pizza Cookbook

"Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast"

This book isn't just pizza, it's all things bread, artisan, biga, poolish and all the things that will take your pizza game to the next level. This book is a masterclass in what you can do with 4 basic ingredients to change the way you eat for the better.

Flour Water Salt Yeast cookbook

"Perfect Pan Pizza"

If you like pizza in a pan, you're going to love this cookbook. The book starts out with 3 "master doughs" and then shows you how three simple recipes can make more than 50 completely different pan dishes. If nothing else, buy it for the Detroit Style Pizza recipe alone. It's that good.

Perfect Pan Pizza cookbook