Volt 12 electric pizza oven for indoor or outdoor use

Ooni released their first ever indoor electric pizza oven, the Ooni Volt 12, about a year ago, and we've finally got our hands on one to test out and hopefully answer all the questions you might have had about this pizza oven.

We've tested a lot of Ooni pizza ovens and accessories over the past few years and I have to admit that I'm super relieved that today's product is meant for indoor use because it's been raining cats and dogs most of the week around here, and this weather just begs for pizza to be cooked indoors!

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Let's be transparent.

We're going to start right off the bat with a couple of disclaimers.

First, Ooni sent us this pizza oven, free of charge, to be able to share our experience with our followers.

Second, if you haven't already heard, the Volt is Ooni's most expensive pizza oven, coming in at $899.

We fully acknowledge that this price point might sound a little ridiculous to many of you, and if that's the case for you, you might want to check out our best pizza oven roundup where we cover over a dozen other options priced much more affordable than the Volt.

However, none of those could be used inside on this very rainy day.

Ooni's inddor electric pizza oven has an internal oven light that all expert pizza makers will love

Ooni Volt 12 FAQs

Alright, we have been searching all of the internet for what questions people are asking about the Ooni Volt and we're going to try to tackle those questions for you.

The Volt offers incredible temperature control

What is the temperature range of the Ooni Volt 12 pizza oven?

The Volt electric pizza oven offers cooking temperature control ranging from 250°-850°F. The temperature dial can be adjusted in 50° increments.

How much does the Ooni Volt weigh?

The Ooni Volt weighs just under 40 pounds and has built in handles to aid with moving the oven.

How long is the Ooni Volt 12 power cord?

The power cord on the Volt measures about 45 inches in length.

How much power does the Ooni Volt 12 use?

The Volt electric oven uses a maximum of 1600 watts of power when set to the highest temperature.

Neapolitan style pizza can be viewed through the triple-paned borosilicate glass door while cooking

What size pizza can fit in the Ooni Volt 12?

The pizza stone of the Volt measures 13.27” x 13.27”, so really, a 13" stone baked pizza is the absolute max you could fit. However, you'll likely be using a 12-inch pizza peel, so that will probably determine the limit of your pizza size more than the 13 inch cooking area.

Ooni 12" perforated peel is helpful for launching different styles of pizza

What size pizza peel should I use with the Ooni Volt 12?

We recommend using a 12-inch pizza peel with the Ooni Volt. We are especially fond of Ooni's perforated peel.

Measuring the distance between the top and bottom heating elements

How tall is the opening of the Ooni Volt 12?

The opening of the Volt electric pizza oven is about 3.5 inches high. It's important to keep in mind that this pizza oven has top and bottom heating elements below the pizza stone as well as on the ceiling of the oven. So taller foods may end up closer to the heat than a simple neapolitan style pizza, resulting in a potential burn.

How long does the Ooni Volt 12 take to preheat?

In our testing, the Volt electric pizza oven reached a temperature of 550° in 10 minutes and reached the max temperature of 850° in about 19 minutes.

measuring the temperature

How hot does the surface under the Ooni Volt 12 get? Do I need to worry about my countertops?

Our kitchen countertops saw a maximum infrared temperature reading of 130°F under the Volt pizza oven when it was operating at a cooking temperature of 850° internally.

measuring the temperature of the steel shell while the oven is at full temperature

How hot does the outside of the Ooni Volt 12 get?

Because the powder coated shell of the Volt is insulated so well for maximum heat retention, the exterior of the oven remains at a pretty safe temperature to touch. Our infrared thermometer measured about 150° on the sides and top of the oven, which was safe enough to touch, but hot enough that one wouldn't leave their hand there for very long before pulling away.

Volt 12 all electric versatile pizza oven

Can I use store-bought dough in the Ooni Volt 12?

Because the Volt is such a versatile pizza oven, pretty much any style of pizza dough can be cooked successfully in it. However, let me be very clear that not all styles of pizza dough should be cooked at 850°F. Most store-bought doughs are more of a New York Style crust and should probably be cooked closer to the 550-600° range.

There's a very handy guide in the Ooni Volt user's manual that helps you know what temperature, time, and the proper balance of heating elements is recommended for each style of pizza. I highly recommend referring to that guide as well as consulting the instructions that comes with your packaged pizza dough.

Can I cook frozen pizza in the Ooni Volt 12?

You certainly could cook frozen pizza in the Volt electric pizza oven. However, I guarantee a frozen pizza should never be cooked at extremely high temperatures, so definitely consult the cooking instructions on the package.

However, I truly hope that if you're willing to spend $999 on a pizza oven you are also willing to learn the art of making, stretching, and launching your own pizza dough.

This pizza cooked in the Volt tastes flame cooked

Will I miss the "wood-fired" taste if I cook pizza in an electric oven?

We are of the opinion that when it comes to pizza, wood-fired-flavor is just a myth. We have cooked hundreds of pizzas on gas, wood, and now electric pizza ovens, and have conducted numerous blind taste tests, and most of the time people guess incorrectly. At that high of a temperature, and that quick of a cook, no smoke flavor is actually going to get infused into your pizza.

Can I use the Ooni Volt outside if I want to?

The Volt is the only Ooni pizza oven for indoor or outdoor use. That's one of the things that makes it the most versatile pizza oven we've ever tested. While it is rather sizable and weighs 40 pounds, it does have built in handles to help you move it around more easily. While it is safe to use the Volt outside, it is recommended to store this electric pizza oven indoors.

Chicken fajitas cooked in the Volt electric pizza oven

Can I cook other things besides pizza in the Ooni Volt 12?

You can cook a variety of other foods inside the Volt electric pizza oven. We cooked chicken thighs and fajita veggies using the Ooni Grizzler plate and had no problems at all. However, when we used the Grizzler Plate to cook hamburgers we immediately wished we had moved the Volt outside first. Foods with a higher fat content are much more likely to produce smoke while cooking.

The incredible temperature control and boost mode give the Volt incredible versatility that you just don't have with wood or even gas ovens. So, if the food you want to cook can fit (with some clearance), and the temperature can be achieved, the food can likely be cooked inside the Volt. Just keep in mind that the only foods you would want to place directly on the baking stone are pizza crusts and breads.

What kind of warranty does Ooni offer on the Volt 12?

Ooni offers a 2 year warranty on the Volt electric pizza oven as long as you register your new product within 60 days of your purchase.

Our Ooni Volt 12 Review

Who is the Ooni Volt 12 all electric pizza oven best for?

This all electric versatile pizza oven isn't for everyone. The Volt 12 might be ideal for you if:

  • You live in a building where you are not able to use gas or wood outdoor cooking appliances.
  • You live someplace where weather is often a problem when it comes to cooking outside. We've had so many pizza parties get rained and snowed out over the years and the Volt 12 is the sure-fire answer to that problem.
  • You want to cook a variety of different pizza styles, requiring a variety of different cooking temperatures.
  • You have a good-sized pizza oven budget

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