The build quality of the Grilla Grills kong is superb

The Grilla Kong ceramic kamado is the only kamado grill that I'm aware of that's ready for the patio, outdoor kitchen, and off-roading?

We'll get back to that last point in a minute, but in this article, we're going to go in-depth with the Kong kamado grill.

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We test over 70 cooking appliances every year at The Barbecue Lab. Last year we did a roundup of extra large kamados. This year we're taking a look at a new collection of large kamados, so be sure to stay tuned because there will definitely be more brands to come in this category.

If you store your grill in the garage, the all-terrain kart will protect your Kong from tipping over when being moved

Grilla Kong All-Terrain

Because we move a lot of outdoor cooking gear around, we were particularly interested in the all-terrain cart that Grilla Grills offers for the Kong. Pulling kamado grills through the grass is the absolute worst under normal circumstances, but this all-terrain cart doesn't even flinch at that challenge.

The Kong is certainly available in a traditional kamado stand, however, the details and specifications we're sharing pertain to the AT Kart setup that we're using.

We have been happy with the heating performance of the Kong

Grilla Kong Specifications




49 Inches

Width kamado only

26 inches

Width with side shelves

56 inches


30 Inches

Lower Grate Size

20.5 inches

Upper Grate Size

20 inches

Weight with kart

276 Pounds

Shipping and Delivery

The Kong will ship via freight, and you'll have a truck with a loading dock show up to the house for delivery. If you're nice to the delivery driver, they'll usually pallet jack it into the garage for you so it's not sitting in the driveway blocking everything.

Assembly and Instructions

I recommend having 2-3 people around to assemble and complete the build, just because this is a HEAVY grill. This isn't some thin sheet metal pellet grill we're talking about here. This is 1.25 inch ceramic throughout, and it weighs well over 200lbs. Lifting it onto the cart is a project, so invite friends.

The instructions are pretty straightforward, and I've definitely seen worse since we build over 70 grills per year at The Barbecue Lab. According to the instructions, I expected about an hour to put it all together, and I clocked the build at about 68 minutes total with the all-terrain cart. Much quicker than any gas grill I've ever assembled. If you're going sans stand, it's a handle and shelf attachment, which is incredibly quick and easy to do.

side shelves are included accessories with the Kong

What accessories are included with the Grilla Kong?

When it comes to kamado grill purchases, you can't always assume that what comes in one box will be included in others, so it's good to know what things are included before buying. Your Grilla Grills Kong purchase will include the stand (you have to buy the AT cart separately), main and upper cooking grates, an ash tool, and 2 side shelves. With some other manufacturers, like Big Green Egg, most of those items would be additional expenses, so you can really save money when the accessories are included.

The only thing missing from the Kong box, in my opinion, is the diffuser, which is sold separately. If you're not using a diffuser in your kamado, you're not tapping into the full potential of your grill, so I don't understand why they don't come standard with every kamado across the board. 

Grates and Functionality

The grill grates are constructed from 304 stainless steel and provide a total of 643 square inches of cooking space when using both shelves. The top level can be flipped up partially at the hinge, or removed completely to access food cooking on the main level of the grill.

The Kong is fairly easy to open compared to many other kamados on the market

How hard is it to open and close the Kong?

There are two main springs on the back of the cooker that assist the hinge when lifting the lid. Without them, it would be impossibly heavy, and they make it easy.

There's also a shock absorber plunger attached just below the lid to help cushion the fall in case it closes rapidly. That will (in most cases) keep the ceramic from cracking if there's an unexpected rapid drop of the dome. I personally love this safety feature.

Cooking on the Grilla Grills Kong

The dimensions were large enough to fit a whole 2 pound batch of shrimp skewers on the Kong

Grilling Hot & Fast & Direct

We've grilled everything from shrimp kabobs to seasoned chicken, burgers, and steak on the Grilla Kong, and without exception, the results were amazing. The Kong can reach temperatures as high as 700°F or more, so putting a sear on your proteins is no problem at all for this grill.

monitor temperature from the dome thermometer

Low & Slow & Indirect

One of the major advantages of kamado grills is their cooking versatility and their ability to grill directly as well as be a low and slow smoker. When you cook meat indirectly there is one accessory that is necessary to ensure you don't burn your protein, and that is a heat diffuser.

We cooked a smoked chuck roast as well as a bone-in pork shoulder this way and we were thoroughly impressed at how well the Kong held a steady temperature for the entire length of the cook. We dropped some wood chunks on the hot coals at the beginning and were very pleased with the level of smoke infusion of the meat.

Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen

Can You Build The Kong Into An Outdoor Kitchen?

In addition to the Kong kamado, the Primate propane grill & griddle, and the Silverbac pellet grill, Grilla Grills also manufactures modular outdoor kitchen pieces to be easily installed on your patio. This is a very cost effective and low-effort way to achieve an outdoor kitchen and something that we kind of wish we were aware of before spending a full year of our lives building our own DIY outdoor kitchen

Our Final Thoughts

The Kong kamado offers incredible value compared to most other kamado style grills on the market. For under $1000 you can have a kamado grill, smoker (remember to get the diffuser!), and even pizza oven (don't forget to buy the pizza stone!) without taking up much space at all on your patio.

The build quality is superb and the 4 year warranty outlasts the competition. We highly recommend the Kong for anyone considering a kamado grill purchase.